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Star Wars Fill In

This is my brief novel form of a story line and character fill in for my FAVORITE SITH.(I've never written in novel format so you'll have to excuse the errors.)

Darth Maul falling in love with Niobi Daughter of Senator Palpatine. Now I know a lot of you are going to be like, “Senator slash supreme Chancellor slash Darth Sidious never had any children”.
No Shit! There are soo many intense prologues to characters all over the internet and as a writer I thought to pay homage to one of the greatest minds that ever existed, George Lucas with a bit of my own. Of course mine will be the reason behind Darth Maul's emotions in the animated series The Clone Wars.

In the crowded under belly of the capital a cloaked Darth Maul heads towards the heart of the city. Feeling the presence of the force he looks around and sees Niobi an attractive women who is stepping out of a shady store front with a box in hand. Leaving briskly Maul fallows her through a train station, up to the middle class sector and on another train heading higher up. While sitting by her self a group of alien thugs spot her and take her for an easy mark. As the blue tentacled faced leader approaches with his scaly dread locks held back by a neon blue plasma tube Niobi calmly sits there and allows him to get in her face.
“No,”she says.
“What do you mean no?” the squid faced man asks.
“No in both forms, no you can not have whats in this box.” she replies with confidence and assurance.
Leaning in closer he holds a five inch electrical blade which glows blue up to her face, still not blinking or showing any fear.
“You sure about that?” He says whiles spitting a little black ink on her face.
“Know, Know that the cloaked Dathomirian sitting at the end of this car is going to do very bad things to you if you don't leave before the tunnel.”
The group of thugs look back at Maul who sits there watching as they come up to the tunnel and still no one moves as the train enters the darkness. Maul listens and as Niobi beats on the thugs the sound of bone's breaking and grunts are heard. Leaving the tunnel and the glow of the city illuminates the inside of the car, Maul sees various colors of blood and the thugs holding themselves painfully on the ground. Niobi approaches him, sits on his lap, places her hands on his face and kisses him lightly on the lips.
“You can tell Lord Sidious that I don't need looking after.” says Niobi as she becomes distracted by his eyes, feeling something in him, something deeper than the force.
Taking his hand in hers a power surge is felt giving off a blue spark discharge. Waking Maul up to a new form of sensation he takes her and kisses her deeply.
“You're welcome,” Niobi says as she uses the force to open the train door.
With her box in hand she looks back at Maul and with a single leap she's gone. Still sitting there within a blink of an eye Maul disappears from his seat. With a broken door the top of the city is revealed with bright lights and various ships and cruisers flying in layers of each other.

Niobi gracefully walks inside the senate building and passes by her father's office where Master Yoda and the senator are relieved to see her.
“Niobi!” Calls the Senator in the role of concerned father, “thank goodness you are alright.” He embraces his daughter.
“Worried your father was, but pleased I am to see you unharmed, Master Yoda says with a tone of relief and comfort.
“Master Yoda, what I have in this box might be of interest to the Jedi counsel, please join me in my workshop.”
Leading the two into her workshop where all and any various mechanics and pieces to making and fixing light sabers are seen all over along with her tools. Opening the box she pulls out with both hands a large white rectangular crystal formation.
“This gentlemen,” she says with a concern ,” is a man made alternative to what the younglings would find in the ice caves.”
Yoda looks at it and feels no presence of the force.
“Impossible to form a light saber, from this it would be, feel the presence of the force in this object I do not.” He explains.
“And for the sake of the Jedi Master Yoda I hope you're right, but I would like to be absolutely sure, I would like to run some tests.”
Staring at the formation the Senator becomes overly curious.
“Was there more of this mineral available?” He asks.
“This was the entire formation,” she replies, “I didn't want to take any chances.”
“Hmm, your results to the counsel you must present. Determine rather this is a threat to the Jedi's sacred ways we must.” Says Yoda
Niobi kneels to Master Yoda's level and shakes his hand, he then leaves the workshop. When Yoda's presence is no longer felt the Senator loses the politician facade. Niobi shakes her head in disappointment.
“Something, wrong?”
“your new apprentice, tailing me, if he wasn't nice to look at I would have been greatly insulted.”
“You approve of him?”
“He has great promise, much like this.” She holds up the crystal. “Now if you can keep your dog on a leash I would like to get some work done.”
The Senator kisses his daughters forehead with pride and sinister chuckle.

Hours of analysis and study Niobi continues to run tests on the crystal with various forms of electrical current, that which is similar to what's found in a light saber. Checking to see if it can in fact create a beam, but she grows tired and decides to shut down the workshop and turn in. In her room with the blinds cracked just enough to shed little rays of light on her black sheets where her and Maul are seen making love.
“Are you not afraid of me, afraid of the monster?” Asks Maul as he kisses her.
“ You're not a monster you're what scares them into submission.”
Their fingers interlock and the surge that they feel in the force is incredible, like a drug to Maul wanting more of Niobi.

At the Jedi Temple, Master Yoda is sitting on his bed meditating when he too feels the surge in the force, he is not frightened by it because what he feels is joy, though he does not understand why. Trying to focus on the source, but the visions are scattered, the object cannot be identified in his mind no matter how focused he is.

The fallowing morning Niobi with the use of the force puts the light saber together, feeling very proud of herself with this accomplishment she turns it on and becomes even more excited for she has created the first white light saber. Presenting it to the Jedi Council she bares both sadness and pride.
“It pains me to present this accomplishment to the council under such pretenses. For the result of my analysis and testing were both incredible and also disheartening.” She takes out the saber and turns it on, “I present to the council the first white light saber made from a man made crystal.”
“Why white?” asks Windu?
“I was partial to the color for it being the first of it's kind and it was the color of the crystal.” She begins to add “ because of the color and chemical make up it burns hotter than a standard Saber, but it also is lighter.”
By use of the force Windu takes the saber in hand and dismantles it, studying the parts and then placing it back together.
“Same components?” he asks.
“Yes, very same Master Windu.”
“What of the source of the crystal?” asks Agen Kolar.
Niobi presents the large white crystal.
“This is the entire supply, being the only saber technician outside of the force has proven to be beneficial.”
“The man who created it was defaulted by his own curiosity, he sought me out in hope that it might be used for the light sabers.”
“Your results, did you share them with this man?”
“No,I haven't.”
“Easily resolved this problem is, tell him unable you were to produce a result.” Says Yoda.
“The saber and the crystal shall remain here,”Windu suggests.
The others agree that this is a wise decision.
“Um, with all do respect council, may I keep the saber?” Niobi respectfully asks. “I wouldn't use it, as if I knew how, it's just that its...
“A great accomplishment, it is to you.” Says Yoda finishing her sentence.
Looking at the others Niobi is hopeful, seeing no harm in it they all agree.
“Keep it you may.” Yoda finishes.
“Thank you.” Niobi bows her head leaves the council with the saber in hand.
“A good heart she has,” says Yoda with a warm smile on his face, “Loyal and true she is, a terrible politician she would make.”
The other Jedi smile as Yoda chuckles to himself.

On her way out to her speeder she runs into Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn and his apprentice Obi One.
“Qui-Gon, Obi One how are you?”
“As well as can be expected, are you repairing or returning?” asks Qui-Gon who motions to the saber.
“keeping, my greatest accomplishment, the first and the last white light saber to be made.”
“why the last?”
“A man who is very handy with minerals and chemistry produce a large white crystal which I discovered can be used to construct a light saber.” she explains further ,”I was asked by the council to report back to the man and tell him that my experiments were inconclusive.”
“May I?” asks Obi One who sticks out his hand.
Niobi places it in his hand which he takes a hold of and weighs it against his own.
“it's lighter.”
“and much more powerful, since I am not a Jedi the saber is my trophy.” She says in a humbling manner.
“For someone not connected to the force you certainly find yourself dealing in matters of such.” Qui-Gon says with a smile on his face
Niobi smiles and kisses his cheek and is handed the saber back.
“So you Jedi keep telling me.”
She gets into her speeder and leaves the platform waving good bye.

In the workshop she turns on the saber and is pleased with herself, the Senator appears behind her, but his presence is not as a senator but as the Sith Lord.
“Remarkable, a white saber.” He says as he takes it in hand and twirls it around.
“Yes and granted by the council as my trophy for achieving such a scientific accomplishment.” She says with a cynical and smug tone.
“So it worked, all those credits were put to good use. How long before more can be made?”
“ Your apprentice is showing great promise, his agility could be matched with a double sided saber.”
“perhaps.” He says in a curious tone, he stands there and tries to sense the force in her, but there isn't anything which is a sigh of relief.
“you're very fond of him aren't you?”
“Is this a question from a father or is it a question from a Sith?”
He holds her face and plays coy, kissing her head.
“One in the same, my child. One in the same, you bring something powerful out of him, that of which I haven't felt in the Dark side.”
“I'll work on him then shall I?”
She smiles sinisterly as she takes her leave out of a window and is seen kissing Maul on the balcony. The two then disappear.

Back down in the alley where they once met Maul fallows her deep into the stench filled streets.
“How is it that he doesn't know that the force runs through your body.” He says as he touches her face.
“Born of the dark side and yet the very thing that fuels the Sith I'm without.”
“unable to hate.” He adds.
“Well not entirely I hate it when you leave my bed.” She says grabbing his chin and nodding for him to disappear as she approaches the man who sold her the crystal.
“congratulations you have greatly insulted the Jedi Council.”
“who cares, you know what this technology is worth, oh I managed to create a red mineral composition. What do you think?”
He hands her a large red crystal chunk, she smiles and examines it. Looking at the man with a death stare.
“How much for everything?”
“The equipment, your chemicals, your whole operation. You need to disappear.”
He starts to laugh at Niobi which she doesn't care for. Shaking her head in disappointment.
“ Why couldn't you have just taken the offer?”
The man starts to feel something choking him, grabbing his throat he is then lifted into the air. Niobi gets closer to him.
“I appall violence, all you had to do is leave....”
Dropping one of his hands he reaches back into his pants and grabs a blaster, his hand starts to shake as he raises it to Niobi's head.
“You're going to shoot me? I'm trying to save your life, go ahead.”
A loud crack is heard and the man's neck is broken, his lifeless body is thrown into his shop, Niobi stands there unconcerned about the mans' death.
“oh well.” says Niobi with a massive sigh.

Soon the authorities arrive and all the equipment by order of the Jedi Council is placed in the custody of Niobi who wastes no time getting to work. Managing to create the double sided light saber for Maul with great craftsmanship. That night a tall man approaches Niobi in her workshop, she senses him and with a light saber in hand she turns and faces Count Dooku with a warm smile. Only Niobi knows that Dooku's faith has been shifted and is slowly being consumed by the dark side.
“Is it ready?” he says in his deep voice.
She hands him the curved handled light saber and says
“May it serve you well, Count.”
“If you ever need anything, please don't hesitate to ask, Niobi.”
Sheathing the handle they bow to each other and he takes his leave out onto the balcony and he steps off and drops down. Watching as Dooku uses the force to leap to his speeder and flies off.
Her body tingles and her pupils dilate, Maul is near by. Standing on the other side of the wall he places a hand on the wall as he senses Niobi. Standing in his office the Senator breathes deep as he feeds off of this surge of power that Maul creates he leaves his office with a maniacal plan in mind.

In her workshop the Senator stands there awaiting Niobi's answer, she turns and looks at her father curious to why he wold offer such a luxury.
“why?” she asks.
“The Republic...”
“No, try again.”
“The power that you two create is nothing like I ever felt, curious to what would happen if he gives into his feelings for you and the rage and hate that would grow from that disconnection.”
She kisses her father's head and smiles
“it's not even my birthday. I have a friend who can arrange discrete and last moment transport.”

Soon Dooku, Niobi and Maul are on a transport leaving the planet where Dooku detaches his pod and leaves the two as they jump to hyper speed and leave the galaxy. Coming onto a purplish planet they break the atmosphere and find it to be barren and empty, nothing but harden sand until they find a large white building.
“There,” Niobi points to it.
The shuttle then lands as Maul and Niobi step off and wave off the pilot. Maul not entirely convinced that this was a good idea.
“You of all people shouldn't judge something by the way it looks on the outside.” She opens the door and reveals a luxuriously comfortable homestead “it's whats on the inside that really matters.”
As they drop their gear Niobi feels free, free of her father, free of the Jedi free of all and any presence of the force. Looking at Maul with hungry eyes he glares back at her.
“There is only one thing I want to do.” Says Niobi with a seductive smile.

Both are outside sparing with their light sabers, Niobi releases herself and as she uses the force it feels incredible to her. Maul using advanced saber techniques even begins to have difficulty keeping pace with her.

Sitting in a deep focus Master Yoda drifts in the emptiness of his mind and sees a female figure using the force s fluidly its almost as if she was dancing, again he feels no presence of the dark side which leads him to not be concerned but to instead to feel once again, happiness. Opening his eyes he is now overly curious as to what would cause such a positive surge in the force.

Inside the homestead, washing the tiny specs of gold sand off their skin Niobi and Maul sit in the square pool of water. Using the force to elevate a piece of fruit she throws it into Maul's mouth, she smiles feeling completely free out there.
“why do you remain hidden?”
“I love too greatly to be a Sith and because I love I'm not disciplined enough to be a Jedi, so live with the peace of both sides.”
“So why share yourself with me?”
“ Because Lord Maul, you are the reason why I love greatly.”
He swims over to her, standing close to her, touching her face he kisses her. Their hands lock together and create the blue spark, the power surge courses through their bodies as they embrace each other. Her love for him surges so much power to course through his body it becomes like a drug, her essence, her touch is intoxicating.

While Niobi is isolated from the wars of the Republic and Confederacy,. Qui-Gon and Obi One manage to avoid capture on a confederate ship, after boarding a landing party they uncover a plot to invade Nobu. Finding themselves in the underwater Gungan city helped by the clumsy and slightly dim witted Jar-Jar Binks they manage to get a transport vehicle which takes them through the planets core and back to Nobu in hope to save the Queen from an assassination. Though unknowingly their actions will cause great complications for the confederacy who are forced to show their hands and openly attack Nobu.

All but one planet is at unrest, of course the same can be said for the two inhabitants Maul and Niobi for different reasons. Niobi living in bliss openly using the force as if uncorking a volcano she races through the barren land with Maul behind her, both leaping and sprinting until she senses something off in the force, it brings feelings of uncertainty and coldness. Maul sees this
“what is it?”
The feeling leaves her.
“I don't know, something I've never felt before.”
They then race back to the homestead where the heat from her skin steams when it comes in contact with the cool water. Her mind wanders and finds something within Maul and smiles as she gets closer to him.
“oh no don't fight it.” she says, “let it be, it is not your enemy, it is not a weakness, you think you feel power from me in my bed now. With this,” she touches his heart,”this, is absolute power.”
“If you knew that I did not love you then why take me into your bed?”
“Why should I be different than you, why should my appetite for pleasure only exist on the base of absolute feelings?”
“And all the talk of Love?”
“I said I loved you I never said I was in love with you and until you learn to embrace this power I'm afraid what happens will be pointless and meaningless, but just as enjoyable as any other night.” Says Niobi smiling at him. Taking her up against his body he looks deep into her eyes the words he does not have but when they slowly raise their arms and bring their hands together the power surges in a ball of energy and for the first time they find themselves in love and acting on it accordingly for the rest of the day and all through the night.

The fallowing morning, Maul lays awake as Niobi sleeps next to him his communicator beeps and shows a hologram of Lord Sidious.
“Is it time my master?”
“ Yes my apprentice, a transport is waiting to take you back.”
As the hologram turns off Maul slides out of bed and gathers his things, leaving the homestead Niobi stands behind him in a sheet, she goes up to him and grabs his face.
“If you truly love, no matter what happens you will survive.”
She kisses him giving him one last surge of power. Maul heads up the cargo bay and as it closes Niobi by use of the force tosses him the light saber which he catches as the door closes with a sinister grin on his face. Standing there as gold specks fly through the air as the transport leaves.

Maul now sent by his master to find the Queen, only to track her to Tataouine where he encounters Qui-Gon Jinn. Barely escaping on their newly repaired ship with a young boy Anikin Skywalker who made the repairs possible. Something was felt within Anikin, something that has Qui-Gon convinced that the young boy is the chosen one that has been prophesized to bring balance to the force.

Back on Coruscant where there is much unrest, Niobi returns as her soul searches for Maul. Entering her father's office he finds the queen leaving hastily. She bows her head and steps aside.
“Your Majesty.”
As the door close she looks up at her father,
“negotiations going well?” she asks.
“I stand to become supreme chancellor,” he says boasting, “which will allow me to adjust the chaotic state of things.”
“congratulations, I don't really see a need to hold an official delegation especially with everyone in our pocket.”
Feeling something strange, she heads to the window and looks out it, something is off, something is missing. The Senator sees this and is pleased with himself.

In the wetlands of Nabu the REAL queen whose been posing as a handmaiden pleads for an alliance with the Gungons. Stating that if the confederacy takes over there will no longer be peace, an alliance is made and a plan is formed. With the Queen and her men who are accompanied by the Jedi head back to palace. Stressing that they must take the Viceroy otherwise he will return with another droid army. Destroying droids on their way to the palace, Anikin hides in the cockpit as Darth Maul makes his appearance and faces off with both Qui-Gon and Obi-One in the central core of the building. As the Queen takes an exterior route to the throne room with her men, Anikin finds himself flying off on autopilot with R2D2 heading towards the confederate ship.

Through the core Maul fights the two with his double sided light saber with superior skill, he is proving to be a worthy opponent for the two Jedi. Opening his mind he searches for Niobi his heart begins to ache from the detachment. The loss begins to fuel his rage which increases his agility and powers of the Dark Side. Finding his opening he strikes down Qui-Gon and waits for Obi-One who finds himself behind pulsing barriers.

All the while on the battle field the Gungons are being dominated by the droid army. Anikin and R2 find themselves in an over heated fighter inside the confederate control ship which proves to be beneficial when R2 gets the systems back up Anikin in search for thrusters fires several small blasts and then two mega blasts which head toward the power grid which then explodes and causes the entire ship to implode rendering the droids useless giving victory to Jar-Jar and the others.

Niobi who stares out of a window of the senate building is sipping blue fluid from a cup, when something happens, a terrible feeling comes over her and fills her up, she drops the cup which shatters on the ground. She cleans up the mess and the more she feels she becomes very sad.

Maul with Obi-One almost defeated he underestimates the young Jedi and with a swift motion he leaps from the abyss and with Qui-Gon's saber cuts maul completely in half. As his body falls down into the abyss he thinks of Niobi, his heart opens and before he dies he accepts that he does truly love her. Falling onto a pile of junk loaded in the back of a junk freighter, his wounds burn shut and he lays there unconscious as the ship flies off.

Now with her father supreme chancellor Niobi is told of Qui-Gon's death which brings grief into her heart. When present at his burning she feels something dark, looking around her she sees Anikin and the darkness is strong with him and not even Master Yoda or Master Windu can sense it. This vexes her to where she can't focus on anything, completely distracted by this boy.

Years go by and Skywalker becomes a General in the Republic army as well as a Jedi with his own apprentice. War wages on and the chancellor continues to manipulate as a Sith. Now with Maul out of the picture Dooku has been taken in and quickly learns the powers of the dark side and becomes a Sith. Roaming as the head of the now Separatist reign pulling strings to win the war, he finds himself in need of an apprentice. After weeding through the candidates Savage, Maul's birth brother is taken from his planet and learns the ways of the dark side through Dooku. Of course much like his brother Savage finds that he is not a valuable asset and refuses to be expendable. Now betrayed he sets out on a personal mission to locate his brother.

Find him he did as a torn man whose gone mad from his own solitude and fear of the past. Barely making it off the barren junk planet alive they find themselves crashing onto a planet where they are taken in and given robotic limbs by a group of rebels who are trying to take back control of their city from their passive rulers. Maul now taking his brother as an apprentice he uses his intellect and feeds off of the fears of others living up to the title monster as he cuts through and takes control of every major crime family. Using this he supplies the strike for the rebels to take back their city only to challenge the leader to combat. After Maul removes his head the other rebels split in two: loyal and enemies of the state. Maul places a corrupt prime minister in charge of the city and uses him as a puppet.

Standing next to his large window in his office the Senator with his eyes close lets his mind wander and as Niobi walks in his eyes snap open.
“You should come with me, I have something for you, my dear.”
He takes her hand and they walk out to the platform where they board a ship and leave the planet.
Maul sitting in his throne room feels something, Sidious's presence on the planet, which concerns him greatly. When Sidious appears Maul falls into a respectful submission but it's not enough for Sidious so he kills Savage and uses his powers to shock him into further submission. When Maul passes out he is then carried to a holding cell. Niobi feels Maul, but waits for her father to have his mind else where in order to avoid detection.

That night Maul is in his cell, weak and tired. Niobi appears in front of him, opening his cell, she walks in and looks at his legs.
“You can not be real.”Maul says disillusioned
She touches his face holding back tears, helping him up, she carries him into a medical facility. With the use of the force she detaches the metal legs from Maul who groans in immense pain. She floats him to a hydro recovery tank, connecting him to the air tube, the tank fills up. Climbing in with him, she uses telepathy to reach his consciousness.
“Remember, remember the homestead, remember,Maul.”
In the center of Maul's mind he finds the memories of them making love, he remembers how it felt to have the power surge through his body. Niobi holds herself close to him allowing the power to wash over his body, her hands go into his causing both of them to be engulfed in the power of the force and nothing short of magic everything from the waist down grows back. His muscle mass increases and with a last surge he wakes up and removes the air tube, looking at Niobi he embraces Niobi.

Lord Sidious enraged to find Maul missing from his cell, he then sees Maul with legs being escorted back to his cell where he sits on his cot, the door closes and he stares out. Directing his aggravation at Niobi who is clearly the source of Maul's rage is curious to how much power he has acquired. Without warning or hesitation he goes to slap Niobi who catches his hand and warns him.
“might I suggest that enraging him would be a poor method of testing his newly discovered powers.”
With a simple flick of his wrist Sidious throws Niobi to the far wall and knocks her unconscious where she lays on the ground. He glares at Maul looking for an reaction, hoping for it, but Maul remains seated and staring out of his cell.
“Perhaps you need more incentive my apprentice.”
Using his power he brings Niobi's body to him and sends his power through her body. Even with her screams nothing happens, he continues to destroy her body. Maul closes his eyes, stretches out his hand Niobi reaches for him and with a flick of his fingers every cell block explodes sending sand like particles of glass every where. Sidious stands there as Maul walks over to Niobi and notes that her pulse is faint being that he's having trouble finding it. Picking her up he carries her to the medical facility leaving Sidious standing there with questions and without reason or sense.

Days go by and Niobi's body remains shattered, the medical droids slowly piece her back together. In the mean time Sidious searches in deep meditation answers that Maul refuses to give him. For his apprentice leaves his responsibility as a ruler of a city and is maintaining his abilities through long and strenuous training sessions after which he checks on Niobi and is found every night meditating.

When Niobi recovers her heart is shattered for her love in him was misplaced. Deciding not to ever speak to him again, she makes plans to leave. Not asking for an apology she simply says good bye to herself as if saying good bye to her father. Maul finds her about to board a transport.
“Where will you go?”
“When you have been expended again, you'll find me.”
She kisses him for the last time and there is no surge, just tears, she boards the transport and leaves without looking back.

One mission after another Maul becomes bored with being a pawn. As the war wages close to an end the chancellor senses the power in Anikin, a power that would be a powerful tool. Before he executes Maul all he finds is a slip of paper.
“Dear father, I encouraged Maul to leave when your plans no longer required him. Knowing the rule of two I suggested he disappears and I trust that you will not go looking for him. You're new apprentice Anikin will serve you well.”
No notation of endearment, but Sidious makes the last act of kindness as a father to allow Maul to live.

Where Maul looks he doesn't find, but never loses hope. The once Sith has found himself nomadic through galaxies as the war comes to an end. Still in search for Niobi, who he discovers has given him enough power to live long enough to find his own happiness where ever it maybe.

More years pass and even with the death of the chancellor who claimed himself emperor and had found himself unbeatable. He finds his own destruction by the hands of his once favored pawn Darth Vader who after many years has found love within him for his son Luke who after becoming a Jedi and helping the rebellion reminded his father that before Vader there was Anikin a husband, a father and a good man. Making his last act one of redemption as he destroys the emperor to save his son.

It's uncertain if Maul found Niobi, but there was always hope. Needless to say that Niobi went on without being reveled as being strong with the force and the chosen one prophecy went on being unfulfilled.

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