Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Get a Hero but want a Villain

As writers we always predict the noble hero for the struggle and happy ending or glorious death, but there are some who know that the best way to get to the gut is by the sinister acts of a great villain.
Inspired by only a handful of great villains that leave an everlasting impression I felt compelled to write this piece. Granted there are so many villains out there I couldn't list them all because I have shit to do, I did throw them all in a hat and drew four. For those that weren't chosen  I will give them some recognition

Christopher Lee- Man with a Golden Gun
Frank Langella - Cut Throat Island
Bruce Payne- Highlander End Game and Dungeons and Dragons
Billy Zane-  The Deep End Tv series and Demon Knight
Alan Rickman- Die Hard
Tommy Flanagan- Hero Wanted
Vinnie Jones- Smokin Aces 2 and Swordfish
Nick Cage- Face Off
Henry Fonda- Ghost Rider
James Dean- Rebel Without a Cause
Dominic Purcell- Blade Trinity
Geoffrey Rush- Mystery Men
Vincent Price- House of Wax

Now remember there's more to Villains then just good looks its the essence of complete freedom and these four sum it all up.

Coming right to the point the ladies love the villains, though most of them will never admit it, its true. The killing, the violence is just writers expressing the tyranny that explains villainy. However, it's the FREEDOM that grabs the attention. Basic principle to Villains "They Don't Give a Fuck." They don't care, the rules of the righteous and noble don't apply to them. Add that with a  mass of sophistication, intelligence and you have Mads Mikklesen's Hannibal Lector. OH NO! HANNIBAL LECTAR,  NO HE EATS PEOPLE!

BUSTED! The deep eyes,  concentrated stare the Danish accent, the subtleties of his monstrosity, the way he controls his chaos and for the majority of the time that of others. Something that most women want in a man is for them to be cultured and highly educated. CHECK PLEASE! Last time I checked Dr. Lector was both of these things, of course adding  the detail of being well dressed just puts more frosting on that cake, but if the whole consumption of human organs still tips the scales for you, try Mads in Casino Royale where yet again this brilliant actor is sooooo good at being bad, aside from the bleeding eye the man is a cold, calculating genius when it comes to numbers and figures, handling warlord finances, his percentage comes with a sweet yacht and a blonde that's all legs and dark makeup. Still strutting in one suit after another through the majority of the film the villain is the stern focus for Bond after he bests him. YEAH THAT'S RIGHT I SAID IT! He bested Bond in a game of cards.

If Danish isn't to your liking venture to the genius of  South African to the man who inspired villain love with in yours truly. Arnold Vosloo, this man brings villainy to another level. Introduced to him and his loin cloth in The Mummy as the resurrected high priest whose moves swooned the pharaohs mistress right out of her nipple coins and black paint. A villain who loves is a villain that's never taken  lightly and if he is it's because the hero is an idiot. Even with the freedom you throw love in the mix he'll set the whole world on fire or in this case bring forth the ten plagues of Egypt. Looking earlier into Vosloo's career we hit Hard Target where the trigger happy gunman is dripping with enticing motivation. Not only is this one very good with guns and large scissors, but the accent takes it to a whole  other level.

Now for a more recent selection found only on NETFLIX, Dare Devil.  The villain is a privileged, hermit who is cultured, intelligent enough to construct a criminal empire and flourish, he embraces an eastern philosophy, he wears bullet resistant suits, has a disturbed childhood that's focused around his love for his mother and cake. (TRUMPETS) I give you Vincent D'Onorfrio's bad ass character of all time Wilson Fisk.  Now Ladies I know what you're thinking "A momma's boy you serious? What the Fuck?!"  Check this out, the dude eventually gets down with an art curator Vanessa who is his breath of fresh air, his purpose for a heart beat and compassion. Despite the man slamming a guys head in a door until it comes off all on account of embarrassment on his first date with Vanessa this guy gets the good looking girl with the accent and keeps her. YOU GO  GIRL!

And Finally Marlon Brando's THE WILD ONE. This cool cat Johnny head of a biker gang is emotionless, he just knows that he gets what he wants. Stirring up trouble and chaos within a small town the man levels with the cafĂ© waitress who tries to understand his wild man ways. His lack of emotion faces him with a straight up Fuck it all attitude. He doesn't care about anything, he gets on his  bike and rides. No social formation in those days was rebellion enough. So how does a man like that say thank you for not being put in jail? He doesn't because he doesn't know how to. Of course the tight pants might do it for some, (excluding myself, there's a reason why men don't wear cod pieces any more.)

These men are only  a small taste of what villainy exists in the Hollywood world, inspiring to create the ultimate antagonist.

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