Thursday, December 3, 2015


I didn't even know how obscure this was until recently, I thought the character cliche of living in the past was day time soap opera material. Unfortunately we all can't hope to be agent Coulsin's  salvation (AGENTS OF SHIELD). That being said the whole soap opera modern day drama has been way over spent. 

Where are we now screenwriters?
We barrow from "epic novels" hoping that the interpretation will make us a few mil, but whatever happened to creating your own material. Lucas did it and toppped for 4 BILLION dollars, where is the risk in this industry. And don't give me that "who are you and where do you have room to speak ordeal." Seriously where is creative process in writing, let me hate, love, cry ect. I want to feel something other than disdain and hatred. It's as if the industry has forgotten it's purpose "TO ENTERTAIN". IF you're going to give me a story with blood and guts at least make it entertaining, a few directors and writers get that now a days.

Then again who am I to say anything, who is anybody to say anything, protest, agree it doesn't matter. The whole point of this is to open the minds of somebody willing to go all on, go for broke. Sacrifice everything for one shot at greatness. 

In all honesty I'm not ready for it, maybe I'm being humble, maybe I'm being honest, who the fuck knows until it actually happens. I just know that the truth in this short existent that we are so afraid of is only a one time deal. We love, we lose, we linger, we blame, we cherish, we end up doing a lot, but never be afraid of an ending. It's your ending, make something of it.

You think all the actors who played JAMES BOND were doubtful about their love life? The coolest of actors the greatest of people were humble, but without fear. So I guess that's the whole point of this, don't be afraid. Don't be afraid to tell the truth, speak your mind, feel something that's real even if it means you'll be left in solitude in all your glory. BE YOU. LOVE, LIVE. ENJOY.

Another night passes, WHAT DID YOU DO?

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