Sunday, November 24, 2013

Battle Journal Entry (1)



Prologue: The mind functions in control and uncontrolled emotions such as stress and hate. Artistically its important to control this mess because it is my job as a writer to keep it COOL while defusing the 5 second bomb of nuclear professional melt down. Needless to say I have accomplished the impossible and saved my life’s work from a computer who has taken on a roll of an AI that chose to be a complete pain and picked the worse day ever to start malfunctioning in great protest

It was a bleak cold Sunday, I was dry in the mouth, my morning was that of the smell of coffee and peanuts.

Having dealt with a similar issue in my command before the once ally of great influence and Wikipedia had once again gone rouge. My life’s work was barricaded by the enemy known as a technological glitch. A common bastard, known as personal terrorist of the often quaint and peaceful world of networking. Of course like all wars, such violence can be avoided if only both sides came to an agreement of normal function.

Ragging battlefield of keystrokes and mouse clicks, error codes and log in rejections. With a stick in hand I rode in on my chicken... screaming at the top of my lungs ”MAKE OUT NOT WAR”!skeleton on chicken

I General Hoyt have obtained victory through peace.

Like any after math the post apocalypse, lead me to find a reason to move on, to admit complete deletion of all but the foundations of what my soon to be writing career will be built upon (Which will begin with a mass of rejection letters) and like any hero lived in the destruction and found a new resurrection. Now I tell all writers who may have to fight this enemy on their own technological battlefields…two words that guarantee absolute flawless victory.





Thursday, November 21, 2013

I am Him, He is me

Currently working on a piece which was chosen by fate, in the midst of my 48 page endevour I find myself getting lost in my character's personna. A 75 year old man seeking solitude in his home in the woods, when in fact he's seeking solitude from who he use to be. This has him conflicting with the idea of being alone, the thought of without love equally physical as is emotional and his need to be socially abscent.  To say the least I have put myself into the mind and body of a 75 year old man who has an alluring nature about him. What surprised me was that this may infact be an actaul person. Someone who inspires, who is brilliant in both the mind as well as in his persona. 

Is it insanity that allows him to be so alluring, so inspiring to the point where he entices to the point where it almost feels like a guilty pleasure. The real question lingering is am I researching for the sake of the character or is it my own curiousity that has gotten the best of me. Either way it makes for a brilliant story. It's almost astonishing to admit that such a person may actually exist, having rediscovered him brought such a mature and realistic stretch to what now seems like a aperture view of things. Just as I grasp at something just out of my reach crutial to the way I see things and this man effortlessly hands it to me in plain English that's gift wrapped.

Having completely accepted things as they are, this open acceptance of his makes so much sense or perhaps I'm just on that level of things. Through his life of varied experiences he finds himself handing his words of wisdom out in the form of  "this is how it is"  with everything but mayo, which is then wrapped in a square of solid gold silk and thrown at you as bluntly as peanuts at a baseball game. Simply, Honest, REAL and some how day dreamed about in the form of bed me now brown eyes.  

Needless to say the writing is coming along fantastically and I can't wait to finish it, something about this piece just opera belts so beautifully that something has to come of it.