Sunday, April 10, 2016

Bad day for a Clown

As the wounded clown with smeared make up bleeds out onto the pavement to examine his flat tire, his girlfriend Bubbles sends him a text saying shes leaving his ass for a mime with the courtesy of a sex pic. Going to his trunk to retrieve his spare the rusted latch is forced open cutting off a finger in a process. Wrapping his hand with his rainbow bow tie, he finally manages to replace the tire, getting in and driving away he's shocked by his radio. About mile away his car stalls, stepping out it begins to downpour washing away the whites and reds of what was left of his professional persona. Three drenched steps forward in his busted big red shoes, bleeding profusely the car gets hit by a single bolt of lightening and within a blink his precious POS car explodes sending shrapnel into his body. Left with nothing but a pocket full of balloons and a dead cellphone the enraged clown slumps in the middle of the road and yells

With a flash of light he's hit by a bus, caught on the undercarrage by his smiley face suspenders he's dragged to his death. When the bus stops Bubbles and her yoga instructor, mime boyfriend step out and have sex in the bathroom of the bus station.

The frustrations and pain in a writer's life can never be worse than imagined

Love Letters (Sample)

In WW2 two prisoners having never met one another fall in love with one another through the communicae of  letters. 

Dear Henry,
I too was in love, it was before the war. His name was Martial and we grew up together, not just physically but emotionally as well and no matter what complications life threw at  us we knew that as long as we had each other, no wrong  could happen. Though we wanted different things in life our hearts were always with one another. Not having much of a family I didn't want one of my own or the marriage that prolouges such a chapter in one's life, he longed for such happiness and I still believe to this day no one desreved to be happy more than him. We were very fond of one another, but my station in life was permitted to another by the right of my heart.  It wasn't until his permicuqous  behavior landed him a form of happiness that I could not give him, someone in his heart and his bed. Having seen them, I realized the pain that was eating away at me wasn't jealousy it was becuase I had fallen in love with him. Sincerely,  - Annebelle

Dear Annebelle,
though I have never experienced such a thing, I can honestly say that you are a strong women. Though you did not say it, I know that you had to let him go becuase his happiness was all that mattered to you. It's strange how in this place that we all wait to die, heared like cattle and lost. Such stillness engulfs us, we don't even talk on apart of forming attachments, why lose more than you have to. These monsters of the thrid reich have torn out our morality, finding ourselves but empty shells. You had to let Martial go, though we're letting loved ones and friends go, but it is not our choice. I admire you for the love in your heart and  the strength that you had when you had  to let it go. Such Pain I understand when I lost my new born son. I'm sorry for what had happen to you and for what has happened to the world.
Scinerely,  - Henry