Friday, October 18, 2013

Love Letter to THE Juleit

                           Love Letter to The Juliet                      
                               By: Von Hoyt Films                          
          INT. THEATER- DAY                                                
          sitting on a black stage GUY writes a love letter to the         
          love of his life 
                         (Guy:(30s)well pronounced,                        
                         well groomed and charismatic)                     
                    My Dearest Juliet, even though we                      
                    are a part more frequently these                       
                    days I find myself love sickly                         
                    praising not only your name, but                       
                    your overwhelming talent to inspire                    
                    every fiber of my being with your                      
                    illumination. How I managed to                         
                    perform this long without you is                       
                    beyond the stars which have nothing                    
                    when compared to your beauty. Even                     
                    the most poetic orchestrated ballad                    
                    could not hold a light to the music                    
                    you project with all emotion known                     
                    and unknown to man. Even in the                        
                    dark you silently hold a sensual                       
                    elegance. In shadow you hold all                       
                    the answers to life and all one                        
                    needs to do is listen. I love you                      
                    Juliet and I always will. I only                       
                    hope that your radiance outlasts                       
                    this fool who leaves you every                         
                    night. Your faithful and extremely                     
                    lucky bastard of a performer, GUY.                     
          As Guy signs the letter Don walks over to him, waving him        
                    Guy, come on we gotta go man.                          
          Guy stands up and walks over to Don                              
                    yeah, I’m coming.                                      
          Guy leaves the letter on the stage and walks off. The lights     
          in the theater are turned off.                                   
          EXT. THEATER- NIGHT                                              
          As the two exist the theater doors, Guy puts on his hat, as      
          Don lights a cigar. The two walk off revealing the name of       
          the theater, THE JULIET.                                         

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