Thursday, January 30, 2014

King After my own Heart

Friday, January 17, 2014

Harvey Theater in Brooklyn

I saw a man play a king,
I felt a king go mad.
I have laughed at a fool,
and saw a bastard over throw his father. 
I hoped for the father who loved his duaghter
and shed tears for the man who lost his heart after finding his mind.

My heart was torn out of my chest the night  I saw King Lear. Having a soft spot already for Frank Langella all it took was one glance and all my  pains of sickness were cured. The days of  anguish before the night of the show, to endure what I have, the question of was it worth it?  The only words that still come to mind "Only for Frank." There's a saying "You don't know greatness until you see for yourself" I have seen greatness, I have felt it within every fiber of my being, it had shaken the very pillars of my foundation not only as a writer but more importantly as a human being.