Monday, April 20, 2015

Saints (Part 3)

1.(Ext. Brooklyn Bridge- Day)- The old man is walking cross the bridge. Michael appears next to him.

Michael: Peter.
Old Man: Michael, how goes it above the cloud line?
Michael: Politics haven’t changed, but the playing field that’s a different story.
Old Man: which is why we plan a head, right? Let me stop you before you continue to second guess yourself, she’s ready. Like any decision some will be stuck in the old ways and those who are on a more modern level of thinking will know that it’s a much needed change.
Michael: we thought that way when we tried to influence the movement you remember Milk, assassinated. JFK, assassinated. I don’t even want to get into Abe.
Old Man: she’s not of political means or agendas. She’s just a girl with an incredible sense of good and righteousness.
Michael: whatever her decision I’ll be waiting for her at my church.
Old Man: I’ll let her know.

They go their separate ways

3. (Ext. Streets- Day) - pigeons flying and cooing, a nameless girl with red hair, a decent build, t-shirt and jeans walks the streets heading to a church. Making her way to the church she sits down on a bench in front of a statue. Sitting there taking in the scenery The Old Man walks up to her. She doesn't look at him.

The Girl: Hello, Da?
Old Man: It would seem that those in higher power are in a dilemma
The Girl: what do you think?
Old Man: I think that it’s absolute shit, some fear change, as others are in desperate need of it.
The Girl: were the scales ever in our favor? Will they ever be in our favor?
Old Man: You do this, things could tip back in our favor and show that things aren’t always as they seem or as they should be.
The Girl: Things are never what they seem to be, and because of that everything is permitted.
Old Man: at least to us, we're not the unfortunate, we're not the unworthy, but we're not the favorites, we're simply in existence, which is not such a bad thing, but perhaps it could be more.
The Girl: it's always the politics.
Old Man: Like I said absolute shit.

The old man stands up, looking at her

Old Man: whatever the decision, you have been prepared either way.

He kisses her head and starts to walk away

The Girl: any advice?

Old Man: don’t forget to breathe. He’ll be waiting at Michael’s church.

4. (Ext. Streets- Day)- The girl is walking down the street when Patrick walks up to her with aviator sunglasses, a V neck white shirt with his rosary beads around his neck and a beer in 

Patrick: so what’s the verdict?
The Girl: High and tight.
Patrick: tight, high and mighty, all of that decision making and not an enema around, sucks. Well I suppose that’s expected. SO what are you going to do?

The girl says nothing and smiles.

Patrick: alright then, I was never here
The Girl: you never are

Patrick disappears as the girl walks down the street.

5. (Ext. Balcony- day)- As the sun goes down The old man is standing on the balcony wearing an open white button down with the sleeves rolled up, a beer in hand he leans on the rail looking out. Raphael another saint wearing a buttoned up white shirt with rosary beads wrapped around his wrist, black Elvis hair, walks out with a beer in hand.

Raphael: we’re losing day light every day.
Old Man: aye, where do our numbers stand with our brother’s in arms.
Raphael: surprisingly in good faith when word got out about possibly another attempt with a more promising candidate.
Old Man: yes, but will they show?
Raphael: Ye have little faith.
Old Man: and they say my puns are bad.

They remain outside both holding onto their rosaries looking out onto the sky line of New York.

5. (Ext.- Church- Night)- The girl is dressed in a long sleeve, hooded, white shirt that looks like it’s made from layered cheese cloth. She puts her hood up and goes inside the church.

6. (Int. Church- Night) – candles are lit, walking slowly down the aisle with the hood covering her face all the way down to the crucifix, she looks up at the statue, looking directly into the eyes. Michael appears behind her.

Michael: the crucifix, always a depressing thing to look at. Aside from it generally walking into a church you get a sense of melancholy, beautiful stained glass murals, a sense of history, really. A once architectural masterpiece, men of all walks of life congregate to one central point to awe in all of its beauty to save their souls. Please take a seat.

They sit in a pew.

Michael: I know what you’re thinking; it’s going to take place in a church? Irony, but hey what are you going to do?
The Girl: that seems to be the question, what am I going to do?
Michael: you know the answer, but your fear is interfering with a definite answer.
The Girl: it's not fear; my life has been building up to this moment. I have my reasons on either choice. Respect for legacy and the respect of change.
Michael: you seem to have made up your mind.

The girl says nothing, Michael nods and disappears. She remains in the pew and looks up at the crucifix she lets out a sigh.

7. (Ext. City- Night)-the sun is setting and as it finally turns to darkness, Raphael’s voice is heard.

Raphael: welcome to the new age

8. (Ext. Church- Day)- The girl is soaking wet laying on the ground outside the church doors with a few feathers around her. She wakes up, trying to stand she's feeling off balance and her entire body hurts. The old man rushes up to her.

The Girl: Da?!

The old man catches her as she goes to falls

Old Man: You’re alright, you’re alright…I’m here, I’m sorry though.
The Girl: for what?
Old Man: for not getting the plate number off of the truck that hit you.

The girl laughs but it hurts.

The Girl: ah!

The old man helps her up.

Old Man: what hurts?
The Girl: everything.
Old man: what did you expect...with all that power coursing through your veins, it'll take some getting used to, but something tells me you'll manage.
The Girl: good to know.

The Old Man helps her down the street.

9. (Ext. Alley way- Day)- As the old man helps the girl back to loft a mass of people on the street and balconies appear in praise and start clapping.

The Girl: why are they so happy?
Old Man: because of you.

People start to come up to her asking for her blessing, she puts her hands out and touches the faces of many.

The Girl: may he be with you.
People: and with you.
Old Man: this time it’s not a figure of speech.

10. (Int. Loft- Day)-Raphael and the Old Man help the girl to the couch, placing several water filled, large, glass bottles in front of her, she laughs and blows a long breath over the open bottles, turning the water into wine. Looking over at some dried up flowers and she brings them back to life.

Raphael: how are you?

The girl waves him off

The Girl: when do you think the sun will stop coming up?
Raphael: a week give or take.
Girl: I need some pie.

11. (Ext. Little Italy- Day)- The Old Man, Raphael and the girl walk up to a pizza place, Demons lingering in the shadows see her and cower in fear. They sit down and Andrew walks by. The Girl gets a sense of familiarity and watches Andrew as he walks by.

Old Man: you alright?
The Girl: who was he?
Raphael: Andrew.
The Girl: angel
Old Man: that’s right.
The Girl: I’ll be right back.

The girl goes after Andrew

11. (Ext street- day)- Andrew continues to walk when the girl appears next to him.

The Girl: Hello, Andrew?
Andrew: who are you?
The Girl: even I don’t know that.
Andrew: Saint?
The Girl: yeah, I think that still stands.
Andrew: what can I do for you?
The Girl: when you walked by I had a sense of concern and familiarity come over me. I know this may sound out there, but one in our existence has ever sounded sane?
Andrew: point?

The Girl touches his face and learns his story.

The Girl: you have questions; I can help you if you let me.

Andrew removes her hand

Andrew: apparently you don’t know the rule, it’s a solo mission.
The Girl: there’s always a loop-hole. Hey, if you change your mind, find me. We could use you on the front line.
Andrew: why would you help me find answers?
The Girl: because your father can’t.

Andrew nods and continues walking

12. (Ext. Little Italy- Day)- The girl walks back to the Old Man and Raphael.

Raphael: so how did it go?
The Girl: he’s hurting, but he’ll come around.

The girl senses something walking up from an alley way, glowing red eyes are seen and a group of demons in human form come out.

Demon: We want to feast on your fucking faces.

Raphael and the old man stand up ready for anything, the girl stands up and walks past the two heading across the street, stopping traffic, she walks up to the Demons and with a single touch removes each demon from the human forms. More Demons come out of the buildings, across the street and ambush her. Andrew drops down from the roof top. It’s a complete stand still. Bursting through is the old man and Raphael and a full out fight breaks out. As Demons fall more come out.

Raphael: 25% my ass.
Old Man: rough estimate.
The Girl: ahh!

The girl starts glowing, the power of god is surging through her veins and in one massive burst of light the girl is radiated with vivid light that removes the demons from their human form and turning them into ash. She collapses.Andrew looks at her curious to what all that was about.

Andrew: who is she?

Old Man and Raphael help her up

Raphael: Saint with no name.

A beam of sunlight shines on her and Andrew feels the need to pick her up.

Andrew: here let me.

They put her in Andrew’s arms and his wings turn from the grayish white color to a blinding white. He jumps and they fly high up into the clouds.

Raphael: Now what do we do?
Old Man: the same thing we always do, pray.

They walk off.

12. (Ext. clouds- Day)- Andrew flies above the cloud line with the girl in his arms.

The Girl: how does it feel to be what you were meant to be?
Andrew: confused and empowered.
Girl: you want answers; you have to know the questions? Michael’s church, you know where it is?

14. ( Int. Michael’s Church- Day)- Andrew and the girl are in the church sitting in the first pew.

The Girl: a small grain of sand, is the amount of God’s power that was given to me and being that your questions can only be answered through the power of God, I see no reason why I can’t answer them for you.
Andrew: the loop hole.
The Girl: More or Less

Putting a hand on his shoulder

The Girl: you ready for this?
Andrew: yes.
Girl: you are the second son of God and he hasn't lost faith in you. Despite what you may think.

Andrew sits there and takes it in.

Andrew: why was I cast out?
Girl: to prove the truth of your divine heritage.
Andrew: that humanity is a gift and what better place to be tested then in New York City. The playing field. Couldn't have made it easy could he?
Girl: since when do the kin of God ever been known to have it easy?
Andrew: that’s it, plain English? I was hoping for a Hiaku in Latin.
Girl: Now you have your answers, whatever happens next is still up to you.

Andrew remains sitting there.

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