Friday, April 10, 2015

The Game (part 1)

What if God and the Devil got together for a card game?


    (EXT. VEGAS STRIP- NIGHT)- Lights, cards, dice and Prostitution.
    (EXT. CASINO-NIGHT)- A white Cadillac pulls up in front of the casino, God steps out. He’s a man in a white suit, white open shirt, he has a rosary wrapped around his wrist. The vale is an in closet heroin user and he’s itching for fix. When God hands him the keys their hands touch and the bellmen is cured of his addiction.
    (INT. CASINO-NIGHT)- Michael the arch angel is standing next to God. He’s wearing a suit with a pin of an M with angel wings on both sides. They start to walk through the Casino floor. As I work through the casino floor God taps on the shoulders of few gamblers in the room: an old woman sitting in a slot machine gets jackpot for nine dollars, the guy playing poker bets everything he has and wins, a waitress is given of $50,000 chip as a tip.
Michael: Boss.
God: Michael, I sense your concern about this game, but in some form of irony they are just as severe as an open field war.
Michael: So then why not meet him head on, destroy evil and cleanse…
God: We’ve been fighting an ancient war on the modern day playing field, when this world was created; I understood that balance was essential to humanities purpose. He wanted to have an advantage; these nights were for the soul purpose of testing the faith of humanity.
They walk into an elevator and head up to the sky rise.
    (INT. ROOM- NIGHT)- God is standing at a tall window looking out onto the city The clock reads 3am and the presences of evil is sensed in the room. The devil appears sitting at the poker table. He’s wearing a black and red suit; his shirt is open revealing 666 tattooed on his neck line. With long black fingernails, a red scaly tail swaying left and right, a black goatee and a sinister white smile with the canines slightly pointed. His voice is deep and raspy.
Devil: I’m Very proud of my little playground. How such little effort could create such a place. The only thing I had to do was to give just a drop of influential power and envious greed in the pockets of a select few.
God: Souls.
Devil: Same thing.
God: all of this without affecting free-will.
Devil: Your precious humanity has never been strong as you think. France 1349 as I recall was Aces over Queens.
God: Bubonic plague. 
God takes off his jacket, sits at the table and rolls up his sleeves revealing his son crucified on his forearm in red ink.

Devil: 2 million souls sound about right?
God: sounds right.

A massive pile of chips appear in front of both of them and the game starts. Hands come and go. They raise, call, check and NEVER FOLD.

God: you make it out to New York much?
Devil: not since 9-11, it’s not every day your winning hand is a royal flush. Had to celebrate in a big way…How’s that bastard son of yours? I think it’s very admirable of you to send him to the playing field to find his own nobility. 
Devil deals the next hand.
4.1 (EXT.- Sky Line- DAY)- a little boy angel falls from heaven, lands in New York and is found by father Jefferson who takes him in and teaches him about what he is.

Father Jefferson: it is yet clear why you were sent here, but fear not my son we are here to guide you.

4.2( INT.-BEDROOM- DAY)- The once little boy is now a man and is sleeping in his bed with his wings sticking out of his back with a pair of panties hanging off them.

Devil wins the hand as he continues to go on. 
Devil: A father casting another son out of paradise with no idea who is he, or why he was put on Earth very fatherly of you.

God says nothing and they play on.

God: I hear you’ve been spawning.
Devil: oh I’m flattered you’re keeping tabs on me.
God: Unlike some, I allow my children to have free-will. You chose to damn the souls of your kin after trying to take over the world.
Devil: Adolf, it’s what any father would want for his son to fallow in his footsteps. He had great potential.

4.2. (EXT. GERMANY- DAY)- Holocaust

God: when you lost possession of your beloved son you lost humanity. Must have been disappointing?
Devil: I became bored.

4.3. (INT. ROOM- NIGHT)- Hitler commits suicide.

God wins a hand

Devil: your saints are really pissing a lot of my demons off, spoiling all of their fun on the playing field.
God: they’re always around when needed, I find them to be quite useful for understanding and aiding humanity wen it’s needed the most. Having them on the playing field keeps your demons from tilting the balance.

4.4.(EXT. PARK- DAY)- a little boy is lost and is crying that he can’t find his parents. A group of Demons head towards the boy and then stopped by an older man who kicks their ass. A girl in her mid 20’s finds him and takes him to his parents who are happy to have their son back. An older man walks up to the girl and they watch as the family walks off together.

Old Man: You’re a Saint you know that, A Saint. I’m sorry my dear I couldn’t help it.
Girl: yeah, that joke is wearing thin. You got a tear in your shirt.

He sees the tare in his shirt and as they walk by the demons He kicks them in the head.

OLDER MAN: this was my favorite shirt.
Girl: quit whining.

She touches the tare and it looks brand new.
As the Game continues God has the Royal flush in his hand and goes all in, the Devil looks at him and knows that he’s not going to fold.

Devil: Do you have somewhere to be

God doesn’t say anything and the Devil goes all in, the cards are shown and God Wins. The Devil is now furious he sets the room and the table on fire. God just sits there Before the Devil can get his hands around God’s throat, God bursts with a radiant light that reveals the beast as a red Dragon with massive horns. He screams and curses. When the light dissipates God is putting on his jacket. The Devil is on his knees in immense pain with his suit and body covered in a several massive burns. God looks down at the chips that turned into a check for 200 million souls, he puts it in his pocket.

Devil: This is far from over You BASTARD!
GOD: It’s not supposed to end, see you next time. Enjoy your city.
God disappears leaving the Devil in the room.

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