Monday, April 13, 2015

The Fallen (part 2)

A Lost soul whose destined to do and be a form of ultimate greatness but he has to find his faith in order to .

1.(Int. Bedroom- Day)- It’s Sunday, Andrew a fallen angel is in bed, lying on his stomach with his wings sticking out of his back, pair of panties is stuck on his wing. He looks over and sees a hot demon girl next to him.

Girl: you better make it to Sunday mass, after last night you need to ask for forgiveness otherwise you’ll never make it back into heaven.
Andrew kisses her.

Andrew: that’s the least of my concern.

Andrew gets up and heads out.

2. (Ext. Streets- Day)–Walking down the road, he senses evil lurking in the shadows of the alley way in drug dealers and users. He walks into Little China where he hears screaming coming from a low income apartment complex. He walks by and hears the crashing of a window, flying by his head is a whisky bottle with a demon inside, it shatters as it hits the ground. Walking out onto the balcony is Pierce a retro-funked-afied exorcists who lights a cigar.

Pierce: stick that in your pipe and smoke it. Hey, your holiness! Nice to see you out and about before 2, I heard the extra bell, I’ll be down in a minute.

3.(Int. Apartment- day)–Inside a room a little Chinese girl is tied to a bed not sure what the hell is going on. Her mom thanks Pierce. Pierce then steps out of the apartment and blesses the family for protection.

4. (Ext. Streets- Day)– Stepping out in the street he shakes hands with Andrew, he puts on his hat.

Andrew: soldier?
Pierce: yeah, man. When I heard New York was lively I wasn’t expecting this kind of shit.
Andrew: welcome to the playing field.

They hear some abnormal church bells. The two bolt for the church.

5. (Ext. Church– Day)-Walking up to the door they touch it and a demonic symbol burns in the door.

6. (Int. Church- Day)- Andrew breaks through and both him and Pierce sense the evil. Pierce likes to play games.

Pierce: red rover, red rover, send some demonic shit-head over.

Andrew starts to pray

Andrew: O Lord, Redeemer and Savior, forgive me for sleeping with a demon last night and doing things that are illegal in 6 countries just as you forgave Peter's denial and those who crucified You. Count not my stupid ass mistakes, but, rather, my tears of repentance. Remember not my Fuck ups, but, more especially, my sorrow for the offenses I have committed against You.

Pierce: I don’t remember that one.

Father Jefferson walks up to them and he’s not himself.

Father Jefferson: pray to he who will save your soul from heavenly damnation!

Andrew grabs the father by his throat he shakes in pain as he burns at the neck

Father Jefferson: Get ready for a war Exorcist.
Andrew: in Nomeni et Fili Spiritus Sancti Shit head.

The father shakes and the demon is gone. Father Jefferson looks at Andrew.

Father Jefferson: Andrew, put a brother down.

Andrew: sorry father.

Father Jefferson: Apologizing for swearing in my church or sorry for being the only rebellious angel… I don’t get you son. You keep this up your wings are going to grey out. Pierce, a cigar a church, really?

Pierce with his cigar in hand takes one more hit and as a group of altar boys walk by as one of them have a censer swinging back and forth. Pierce takes the censer and puts his cigar inside.
Father Jefferson: oh, what am I going to do with you guys? Pierce your work alone this week is almost enough to excuse your severely adolescent behavior. And you don’t get me started on your centered arrogance. Have been given gift and you don’t even know it.
Andrew: thank you for that.
They sit in the pews
Father Jefferson: (sighs) Hell is coming to the Playing Field. Andrew, you need to do some soul searching son, we’re going to need you on this one in all of your holy righteous existence. I suggest you start asking your questions to find your answers.

Andrew goes to the doors and Pierce goes to him

Pierce: Andrew, hey go talk to Chris, he might be able to help.
Andrew: yeah.

Andrew leaves the church as The Old man walks in. Old man is Saint Peter his long bushy beard, long curly white hair, white button down with the sleeves rolled up and three rosaries around his neck.
Father Jefferson: Thank you Peter for coming.
Old Man: When demons attack a 4 year old boy 
out in a public area, one in our line of existence would be a bit concerned.
Pierce: so Hell is really coming to Earth?Old Man: yeah, it looks that way.
 Pierce: what do we do?Father Jefferson: We hope that Andrew gets his answers. 
Old Man: You want to put faith in just one angel with daddy issues? There’s 44,016 half breds on Earth, reach out to the clergy. Pierce: not going to happen, come on Peter you know the rule? Saints and full bred Angels only. I’m sure I can call some friends familiar with projectile pea soup and Latin.
Old Man: May God forgive me for my ignorance, again.
Father Jefferson: What kind of numbers are we looking at?
Old Man: Hell has 1,209 legions, there’s 5,240 in one legion alone do the math that’s 6,346,041 demons. Now there’s 8,244,910 people in New York, consider 25% do not attend mass. That’s 2,061,227.5 people that are likely to be possessed. Between Angels and Saints that’s 24 demons per angel and 343.5 demons per Saint.
Pierce: what can we do with numbers like that?
 Father Jefferson: pray.

7. (Ext. Park- day)- Andrew is walking into a park and across a little moat bridge and sees a flock of ducks fly off.
Andrew: sure, it’s easy for you.

An older man in a suit with glowing red eyes walks up to Andrew
Paymon: Oh son, my son, what are you to me? Keep your distance, I just want to talk.
 Andrew: talk, why would you want to talk to me?
Paymon: to help, everyone but you knows your story and of course no one can tell you.awkward.
Andrew: Paymon? You were there, when he was casted out?
Paymon: yeah and because of that I have 200 legions under my command. You know the end is coming. You want to be who you are when the war is over? I’ve seen thousands of angels eaten alive after their wings are ripped off their back viciously while still alive.
Andrew: what does that have to do with my mass of personal inquiries?
Paymon: what are the chances of you finding answers in time before the end of the balance?
Andrew: you find me and with this sincere conversation hope that I tear off my own wings to give you a strategic advantage.
Paymon: we already out number you, this has been in set for a very long, long, long time before you fell.
Andrew: One touch from me and you don’t go back to hell, you become nonexistent.
Paymon: so what’s keeping you?
Paymon gives off a cynical grin when he finds it out he walks backwards
Paymon: Don’t worry both of your secrets are safe with me, God bless.

8. (Int. Apartment- Day)- Andrew walks in and sees four demons not in human form tearing his place apart, muttering a prayer to himself as he puts on a set of solid brass knuckles. The demons attack him trying to tear off his wings with their hands burning off. He punches to the chest of one of them, tearing into ash. Andrew gets slashed across the face and one of them goes to fight him. Looking up at the crucifix and grabs the neck of one demon and turns it to ash. Final demons, Andrew grabs a Bible any beats the last two with it.
Andrew: Amen
Coughing from the smell of sulfur in the air he opens a window.
Andrew: sulfur. Eah.

As the ash lifts off the ground and blows out the window, Andrew looks down at the bible and is faced with a decision.

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