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The Outcome (Part 4)

The Outcome (Part 4)

  1. (Ext. Little China- Day) - Pierce is kicking back having Chinese with Patrick at an open street vendor. Sitting there he has an empty bottle of liquor next to them.
Patrick: So it’s happening again, an ancient war in a modern world. Funny isn’t it?
Pierce: what is?
Patrick: even though there’s heat seeking missiles, biological war fare: sarin gas, small pox, bubonic plaque, both in strand with researchers looking for antidotes and of course the child of J. Robert Openhiemmer and Enrico Fermi.
Pierce: The Atomic Bomb.
Patrick: and here we are flaming swords, the ever loving use of Latin spoken prayers, the divine light and grain of sand sized piece of God’s Awesome Power! WOOOO!

Pierce chokes on his food, Patrick smiles

Patrick: good times.

Pierces cell phone rings

Pierce: Yeah, yeah alright, stay calm, I’ll be there shorty. Hamptons?
Patrick: an exorcist’s work is never done. Hey it could be a set up?
Pierce: one body one demon, besides their souls not phone booths.

Pierce lays money down and picks up his bottle and leaves

  1. (Int. Hamptons- Day)- Pierce shows up in a taxi in front of a massive Hamptons home.
Cab driver: god damn rich people.
Pierce: I know right.
Cab driver: meter is running.
Pierce: good to know.

Pierce rings the buzzer

Man’s voice: yes?
Pierce: yeah! You order an exorcist? Oh I came in a cab.

The gate buzzes and the cab strolls in, they hear screaming coming from the house. A man in a suit walks out to pay for the cab. As he passes by Pierce who has his bottle in hand their eyes meet Pierce sees the fire of hell burning. Pierce walks up to the door

Pierce: Credo in Spiritum Sanctum, sanctam Ecclesiam catholicam, sanctorum communionem, remissionem peccatorum, carnis resurrectionem, vitam aeternam. Amen.

  1. (Int. mansion- day)-Walking in he sees a maid, trophy wife and an assistant all standing across the room, all looking up. Pierce looks up and sees a little preppy 5 year old boy scaling a high ceiling backwards.

Boy: Exorcists!

Pierce takes off his jacket and his shirt revealing his Virgin Mary tattoo on his entire upper torso. Taking out a pocket bible he starts

Pierce: hey, shit head. By the power vested in me by the father, god almighty! He demands your name! Excuse me, maid, trophy, mistress, leave the room. Now, Now! Lock the door.

They leave the room. The boy flips down and lands in front of Pierce and kicks him in the nuts. Pierce quenching in pain looks at the boy

Boy: FUCK YOU Exorcists; the war is going to end your kind starting with you.
Pierce: alright you little shit, now it’s personal.

Pierce adjusts himself. Cracks his neck, puts on his rosary.

Pierce: Little Timmy is going to the gates. Hey!?

Pierce punches the little boy in face and knocks him out, lifting him up and treating him like a puppet.

Pierce: Hey shit head? Would you like to be forgiven?

Taking the boys bleeding face he moves his mouth

Pierce: (deep voice) yes, I need to be forgiven because I’ve been stupid enough to possess someone whose balls haven’t dropped yet.

He drops the kid on his face

Pierce: fair enough.

He turns him over and puts his foot on the kids chest.

Pierce: Domine Jesu Christe clementissime Domine susceperit puerum istum in terram arma rogo, ut abs re facta. Nobis misericordiam tuam infinitam.

The Demon wakes up and starts to squirm, Pierce kicks him in the gut

Pierce: Turbatio ne exultet cor tuum: Creditis in Deum et in me credite.

He kicks the kid a few more times

Pierce: you shouldn’t have kicked my jewels, because now it’s personal. In domo patris mei mansiones multae sunt si quo minus, dixissem vobis. Vado parare vobis locum.

He kicks the kid again

Pierce: accept for kicking me in my nuts and ruining a nice quiet day, you sick son of a bitch! I lost my place.

Pierce stands there thinking.

Pierce: Ok, I got it. Et si abiero et praeparavero vobis locum iterum venio et accipiam vos ad me ipsum ut ubi sum ego et vos sitis. Et quo ego vado scitis et viam scitis. SO fiat!

Putting the empty booze bottle on the boy, Pierce places his palm which has Jesus crucified tattooed on it and palms the little boy’s face. Closing his eyes.

Pierce: In Nomine Patris et Filii et spirit tu Sancti.

A demon comes out of the bleeding and battered little boy and goes into the bottle.

Pierce: audios shit head. hey! Ladies you can come out now.

The trophy wife walks out

Pierce: it’s over. Take this brat to church get him baptized, do something.


3.1( INT. LOFT- Day)- The girl is sitting outside the her loft talking to a homeless guy and sharing a bottle of wine. She feels the presences of evil on earth.

The Girl: Homer, I have to go, but we’ll have to finish this conversation of the concept of dharma. Keep the bottle.
Homer: go save the world.

The girl disappears


4. (Int. Mansion- DAY)- Pierce is lying on the floor with wood splinters sticking out of his body, the demon walks up to him and grabs his face.

Baal: Do you believe, Exorcist?

Pierce spits blood in Baal’s face.

The Girl: do you?

Baal turns around and the blinding light starts to burn him, the girl places the rosary around her neck.

The Girl: I pray for your soul. I pray for the sanctity of humanity, I pray that this will be your judgment.

The girl and Baal start battling it out, Just before Baal is about to go full power, the girl holds him close to her

The Girl: Thy giveth…

She blasts with the power of god when the light dims Baal is nothing but sulfuric ash and the kids wounds are fully healed.

The Girl: thy taketh away.

She picks up Pierce and disappears.

  1. (Int. Church- day)- Saint Christopher, an older man with short hair white hair, but with the look of age, is praying in the church, when the girl appears with Pierce.
The Girl: Chris!?

Chris rushes up to them, he looks at her

Chris: has he passed?
The Girl: yes. Someone needs to tell Andrew.
Chris: I’m meeting him here.

Andrew walks in and sees his friend lying underneath the crucifix. He runs up to him.

Andrew: Pierce!? What happened?
The Girl: a
Chris: in possession?
The Girl: yeah.
Andrew: can you heal him?
The Girl: I cannot, I was not given the power to restore life to the souls of humanity.

Andrew drops a tear on the face of his friend

Chris: but perhaps you can. The divine heritage it might be worth a shot.
The Girl: how’s your faith?

Andrew looking at his friend

Andrew: no, he’s at peace; he deserves to be at peace. Besides he would be so pissed if I brought him back.

The girl places a friendly hand on Andrew’s shoulder.

The Girl: okay. Okay.

The girl closes Pierce’s eyes and his body is free from the impaled wood and wounds.

Andrew: thank you.
The Girl: you’re welcome.

Andrew gets up and storms off screaming in anger.

Chris: this was personal they knew that Pierce was Andrew’s friend.
The Girl: war games.

The girls senses a mass of evil outside the church, she looks at the door and within a split second saves Andrew, by blocking a mass surge of demonic power with her light.

  1. ( Ext. Church- day)- The Devil in his suit appears across the street clapping his hands.
The Devil: Brava, Bravisma! YOU SAVED THE SON OF GOD! Opps, I’m sorry, did I just spoil the ending?
Andrew: you’re a little late.

The saints appear behind Andrew and the girl

The Devil: ooh, this is exciting, saints’ angels and the divine light and here I was beginning to think it was going to be all too easy. Thank you for caring.
Andrew: what do you want?
The Devil: (tsk, tsk) rule number one when dealing with demons, never address directly. I came here for a little show and tell.
The Girl: technically you’re just a fallen angel.
The Devil: I’m always in the details.

He claps his hands and the scenery around them changes from serine and normal, to burning, ash, demons ripping souls apart in screaming torment.

The Devil: beautiful isn’t it? My kingdom on Earth, you see hell is getting crowded because of an obsessive heavily corrupted existence up here which in turn takes up space down there. From the One million who commit suicide yearly assuming most of them are catholic.


5.1 ( someone commits suicide)

The Devil: Not to mention how many, deranged, psychotic, sociopath, serial killers who don’t ask for forgiveness after the death penalty.

5.2 (a prisoner is in the electric chair with a sinister look on his face)

The Devil: and my personal favorite, counting the 44 million abortions that are performed globally each year. Of course that’s only the rebellious teenage girls who were raised with strict religious structure.

5.3 (a girl sitting in her car is outside an abortion clinic with a rosary in hand)

*End of Side Scene

The world remains in a chaos.

Devil: Not to mention my ever so loyal followers who always seem to have this need to sacrifice babies in my name. BUT WHAT THEY DON’T KNOW IS THAT STUPID SHIT LIKE THAT REALLY PISSES ME OFF! (Cough) I need some water.

Christopher throws a vile of holy water right at the devils face that just burns his face showing pieces of a red dragon like face.

The Devil: I had to ask. It’s inevitable; this is going to be your reality very soon. No matter how hard you pray, no matter how much faith you have HUMANITY WILL NOT BE SAVED. Just keep that in mind when you’re being crucified upside down alive.

Old Man appears next to the crowd.

OLD MAN: You just can’t let it go can you?
Devil: well the first born son of God gets crucified by Romans, that day was ideal for me, let me tell you. Then as a door prize, the sex on my birthday cake, his favorite pupil gets crucified upside down! What can I say? It was a good century.

The Devil disappears and the world goes back to being peaceful and normal again.

Old Man: Yeah its official he’s still a prick. So what did I miss?
The Girl: Pierce is gone.
Old Man: who was it?
Andrew: Baal.

The Old Man looks at the girl who dusts off her hands

Girl: ashes to ashes.

6.(Int. Church- Night)- Everyone is standing around inside the church discussing battle strategy

Chris: What about the Priory?
Old Man: the Priory? Have you forgotten that they’re pagans?
Chris: yes and no, they believe in god, they just choose to find it through vigorous physical activities.
Andrew: what?
The Girl: Sex, Andrew.
Chris: Peter you and I both know the truth about Mary, Jesus, Sarah.
The Old Man: I’m hearing you Chris, but knowing the truth isn’t going to do us any favors, we would have to trace that line all the way out to whomever is around now and what makes you think that the divine powers of an internal faith is even being practiced?
Chris: is he always this charming.
The Girl: more or less.
Chris: we have to chance it, it could be a huge advantage to us.
Old Man: alright, alright. I’ll send Raphael and Patrick to look into it.

The Old Man holds his rosary beads in hand and prays. Raphael and Patrick appear. Raphael in his normal suave appearance and Patrick is boarder lining drunk.

Patrick: you prayed?
Old Man: we need you to go and find our savior’s blood line.

Patrick looks over at the girl

Patrick: please tell me you have a sister.

The Old Man smacks the back of Patrick’s head.

Old Man: Jesus!
Raphael: you’re asking us to tune in on a very old frequency.
The Girl: can you do it?
Raphael: keep the faith.
The Girl: wait.

The girl puts her hand on Patrick and sobers him up.

Patrick: I didn’t moon anyone did I?
Raphael: we should be going.

The two leave the church.

7.(Ext. Central Park- Night)- A gathering of Satanists. Paymon appears in his usual suit. Standing in the center of the crowd

Paymon: Followers! Our fallen lord has given us the power to take all of New York. To lead us into this Victory and the general to do so… the prince himself, MAMAR!

The followers all bow in the presence of Marmar a man in his 20’s incredibly handsome and in a black and red suit.

Mamar: my father and I for once agree on the fact that it’s time for the powers of Hell on Earth to be known through the slaughter of the sickening pricks of the righteous power.

The followers cheer and celebrate. Looking up at the sky there’s a light abnormality. What looks like balls of fire are seen falling from the sky as more rain down a bunch land in the water causing a mass of steam to fog the area when the steam settles Michael appears with his sword in hand, white wings tucked down. Looking behind Michael a legion of angels is revealed.

Mamar bites himself and sprays his blood everywhere creating demons.

Mamar: kill’em.

As the angels run on top of the water the demons and followers charge full on as Mamar and Paymon stand in the back and watch. Angels full out slaughter all of the followers and demons. Gabriel appears behinds the two demons

Gabriel: you of all people should know Mamar, good always wins over evil.

Mamar goes to hit Gabriel and he blocks it, the two get into a little hand to hand combat.

Gabriel: you think we were just going to allow you to walk on the playing field?
Mamar: do I look I give fuck?

A group of followers come up and hold Gabriel

Mamar: actually having you here makes it that much more better.

Paymon takes out a jagged machete from inside his suit and goes to try to cut off Gabriel’s wings.

Andrew: ENOUGH!

Mamar stands there with a stunned look on his face.

Mamar: ahh.

Andrew has put his hand inside of Mamar and causes the divine light to explode Mamar from the inside.

Paymon: this is far from over.

Paymon and the dead bodies of the demons and followers all disintegrate into the ground. Andrew helps up Gabriel as Michael and the others appear next to them.

Michael: Andrew and here I thought you didn’t care.
Andrew: we’ve been waiting for you.
Gabriel: make yourselves scarce.

The other angels disappear.

8. (Int. church- Night)- Michael and Gabriel walk in with Andrew.

Old Man: What was it Incarnation, Consolation and
The Girl: depending your beliefs him and Michael trade off on Mercy and Judgment.
Old Man: which reminds me, where did you bury Moses?
The Girl: what?
Old Man: oh yeah, Moses is the Hoffa of religion.

Gabriel walks up to the girl and looks her in the eyes.

Gabriel: how are you? Curious isn’t it? How a human can possess the tiniest amount of God’s power.
The Girl: personally it’s not nearly as impressive as being the son of God. His power is infinite, my is limited.

They look at Andrew.

Michael: patients.
Gabriel: we have to wait for the mass of evil to surge on the playing field wherever it maybe.
Old Man: forgive me if I don’t seem overjoyed by this plan. I trust you came with a legion or two when you bombarded Central Park?
Gabriel: I’m thinking pizza, pizza?
Michael: pizza works.

The old man stands there with a dumbfounded look on his face, everyone leaves the church. The Old Man leans on the girl

Old Man: It could be the fact that they’ve been fighting evil for a very long time which makes them comfortable about the whole end of the world bit.
The Girl: you ok?
Old Man: oh yeah, end of humanity and the balance as we know it, if we fail and our generals want pizza. Yeah, never better.

9. (INT. Loft – day) – girl lays in bed as the old man sits outside on the balcony drinking a cup coffee. The girl gets up and looks around and wonders why the sky looks the way it does.

Old man: it’s a most time.
The Girl: (yawn) and where are our fearless leaders?
Old man: I really don’t have a clue, but they left two whole pizzas out of the dozen that they devoured last night. Think there over there.

The Girl grabs a slice, walks outside and stands next to the old man looking out on the balcony. Sky looks like the sun is coming up showing breads, oranges, pinks and from behind the club line looks as if it’s blackening out.

10. (INT. Michael’s church – day) – churches being eliminated forever sunlight there is outside, shining through the stained glass windows. Pews are filled the legion of Angels with Gabrielle and Michael sitting in the front. As I pray they begin to notice the abnormal change in the light coming from the sun.

11. (EXT. Michael’s church – day) – as the Angels exit the church standing there without concern looking up at the sky and seeing all the colors slowly gray out as if the sun was being covered by a coat of thick gray paint. Looking down on the street they notice HORDES of rats, stray cats and dogs into abnormally sized alligators scampering from little Chinatown.

Old man: so I guess it’s true, there are gators in the sewers.
Gabriel: it‘s almost time. The only thing that’s missing is the earthquakes and the hell vents.

The old man and the girl walk up to the Angels

Old man: oh sure, along with the 10 plagues of Egypt. This isn’t the same ancient war. In fact the only thing that’s making this an ancient war is us.

Looking down stretch of street the natural shadows turning into deep pools of an abyss blackness.

Andrew: they’re here.

As the animals run across them one the gators get sucked into one of the deep abnormal shadows it screams in complete agony. Sounds of tearing, chomping, biting and snarling are heard coming from inside the black shadow. As everybody looks closer the remains of what was once an alligator is tossed out of the abyss of shadow. Stepping out of the shadow is a soldier demon, scraggly and deformed. With remains of gator all over his face and body he lets out a sinister chuckle and gives what looks like a smile.

As everyone stands her ground at the site of this demon more appear out of the shadows. What starts off as a dozen very quickly turns into 100 and then 1000. Without second guesses or hesitation the Legion of Angels, at full speed blast into the crowd of demons redirecting them into little Chinatown.

Old man: how you like that? “Oh, we’re Angels we have to be the first ones in battle.”

The girl looks at the old man

Old man: what?

The old man, the girl and Andrew head down the street to engage in the fight. As father Jefferson watches as the three disappeared down the street construction worker runs up to him.

Construction worker: father! There was this thing! I don’t know what it was, but it came I’m a sewage line.
Father Jefferson: you better come inside, would you like some coffee.
Construction worker: after that, I think I’ll need something a little stronger.

12. (EXT. Little Chinatown – day) – little Chinatown has turned into a battlefield. The Angels are using divine light, the occasional flaming sword, staffs and hand-to-hand combat to kill off the demons at swarm around them like mad bees around a disturbed hive. Even with 50 or so demons been wiped out with every hack, slash and burst of light more demons crawl out of the abyss like shadows. With no strategic plan of attack or battle strategy Angels are dispersed all over Little Chinatown.

Standing on a rooftop in the middle low Chinatown Andrew, the old man in the girl find themselves in the midst of it all. The old man kneels down, takes a rosary in hand and begins to pray.

Andrew: it’s a little late for that, don’t you think?
The girl: he’s making a call.

Andrew takes a giant leap up and goes high above the cloud line. Drifting to a stop falls backwards and dives straight down. Falling through the clouds he lands in a kneeled position, just a few feet away from Michael, causing A massive burst of light and energy to disintegrate well over 100 demons thick. Even though Andrew does not have a weapon every hit he makes is powered by the illuminated divine light within him.

The girl remains of the roof with the old man who is still praying.

The old man: in the honor and noble victory of the martyrs. The white – robed company follows the divine righteousness, bright with our abundant of faith; those of us with this worlds power. Having sustained beatings, chains and torments we were drained by cruel punishments. We bore holy witness and were sustained by patients and constancy, endowed with everlasting grace for our sacrifice.


12.1 (RANDOM CHURCHES ALL OVER THE US) – Saints from all over hear Peters prayer and disappear to be at his side.


Before the old man stands up every saint appears behind him all wearing white shirts and rosaries.

old man: we all know that the Angels will never admit they need our assistance, but this is no place for arrogance. It’s about the sanctity humanity and the balance as we know it.

Within a split second all the saints get into the fight. Through the horde of demons one in particular is seen by the old man carrying an estranged shape dagger. Noting that the demon is making his way to Michael, the old man slaughters a path to get to the demon before he attempts to hack off Michael’s wings. As the demon comes up behind Michael, he jumps up to deliver the blow, stopped in midair with the old man’s rosary around his neck he’s slammed into the ground and from the divine heritage of the rosary, bursts of divine light decapitates the demon. As the old man collects his rosary Michael turns and looks at him.

Michael: thank you.
Old man: as if humanity would do you any good.

The war continues on as the Angels and Demons are battling on the side of buildings, bouncing off of signs. Saints blessing dead poultry that’s hanging in the meat market and beating demons to death with it, it seems like an endless battle. The girl making her own dent in the demon horde, with a full body aura of divine light anything unholy that touches her instantly disintegrates into a pile of sulfuric ash.

12.2 (INT. Restaurant – day)-with a spiral gust of energy St. Christopher clears the floor in the center of the restaurant. Completely outnumbered, Chris finds himself surrounded, trying to fight off the demons he’s tackled to the ground more the demons manages to tear into his side. As the other demons scratch, tear and claw at his body he almost excepts his fate until a large vase falls to the ground and scatters a dozen bamboo sticks.

Chris: God granted unto Moses a Rod in which his faith provided the source of miracles.

Chris shoots up and with a glowing bamboo stick cleans house. Twirling and spinning the bamboo stick like a martial arts master. The last demon falls stands there breathing heavy as his wounds heal themselves.

Chris: amen.

12.3 (EXT. The China – day)– the never ending battle continues but unfortunately a few saints are killed off just as one or two Angels have their wings removed and are executed. The sky turns black as a light is slowly being engulfed by darkness, the ground shakes and a hell that opens and hovering out of it is Paymon raising his arms he summons all 200 of his legions to earth.

The girl: Andrew!

Andrew fights his way to the girl.

Andrew: 200 legions, it’s going to be a long day.
The girl: it’s going to be an even longer eternity if we don’t even the odds.
Andrew: what do you have in mind?

As they continue to kill off demons the girl looks at him and the idea is clear on what they have to do. Andrew and the girl whistle to their allies so they know what’s going to happen. The two fight their way up to where payment is bowing their heads in prayer Paymon and his legions sprint towards the two. At the very last moment a massive burst of divine light and energy sweeps through little Chinatown like a shockwave from an atomic bomb. The energy pulses like massive ripples from Andrew the girl’s bodies. As the shockwave goes through nearby demons they are instantly turned to sulfuric ash.

The light goes back into the girl in Andrew’s bodies causing them to take a deep breath in as if on a massive caffeine high. Standing wide-eyed and ready Paymon’s scorched body floats down to the ground like a leaf when he comes in contact to the ground bursts into ash. All of a sudden all of little Chinatown is condemned and on fire. The sky is red and black, everything is absent of life. A deep, scratchy, sinister laugh is heard.

The devil: oh, what good fun to watch Angels lose their wings and to be executed on site. Not to mention the death of Saints but you two are really starting to piss me off. But on that ends now I get the consolation prize.

Devil levitates Gabriel’s torn and tattered body over to him.

The devil: my have the mighty fallen.

Devil smashes Gabriel’s body into the ground like he was a yo-yo.

The Devil: you would of thought that 200 legions would’ve sealed it. Scratch that, I guess not. So this is how it’s going to be, consider killing all of you which would be a complete waste of my time. I only get to kill him in return for your surrender. You have a set of wings to think it over.
Michael: never going to happen.

The devil grabs one of Gabriel’s wings and breaks it off. Gabriel screams in agony. Nobody does anything, devil tears off the other wing. The old man looks at Andrew and the girl

The old man: get ready.

Without hesitation everyone rushes the devil leaving him vulnerable from above for Andrew and the girl to make their move. Defeating everyone devil gets a scratch on his face and because he’s so vain, he freaks out and shows his true colors. He takes the form of a massive red Dragon, the seven heads, and 10 horns, bearing seven crowns.

The devil: I am greater than God, I refuse to bow down to the creation that is man and I would like to give a big FUCK YOU to the salvation…
Andrew: hey!?

Out of nowhere the girl flies in and lands on the back of one of the middle heads, grabbing the set of horns, the girl using of God’s granted power she throws her weight back causing the beast to be thrown and smashed into the ground. While flipping the beast the girl shouts to Andrew

Girl: now!

Andrew picks up Michael’s flaming sword and walks straight at the devil. taking the sword in both hands, he lifts it up and just touches the ground with the tip.

Andrew: in the name of my father God Almighty I rebuke you.

Burst of blinding white light, sends the devil back down the hell. After the light clears little Chinatown is back to the way it was. The sun is out, it’s beautiful day. It as if this war had never occurred.

Old man: thank God for that.

God walks up to them eating an apple with a smile on his face.

God: you’re welcome.

Everyone turns around and sees God, bowing their heads in respect. God then sees Gabriel lying on the ground dead. Walking up to him he places his hand on Gabriel’s chest and puts life back into him. Gabriel shoots up with life back in his body. God helps Gabriel onto his feet.

Gabriel: AH!
God: it’s pain Gabriel welcome to humanity.
Michael: the choice has to be made, Boss.

God nods his head in agreement and walks up to the girl and Andrew.

God: both of you have proved yourselves. Andrew if you still want to go back you can.

God looks at the girl

God: and, you are already a part of me, so the choice is yours, but only one of you can go and be the new right hand of God.

The girl walks up Andrew, put your hands on his face and kisses him.

The girl: we’re going to miss you.
Andrew: you sure?
The girl: just don’t forget to say goodbye to father Jefferson.

God puts a friendly hand on Andrew, he then looks at Michael and nods the remaining Angels go back to heaven.

God: Peter, good work with this one.

Old man bows his head in gratitude. God then looks at Gabriel and puts a friendly hand on the shoulder.

God: remember humanity is a gift.

In a blink of an eye Andrew and God are gone. Gabriel looks at Chris still has the bamboo stick

Gabriel: what’s with the stick?
Chris: Moses…
Old man: you pulled a Moses, very cliché.
Chris: it worked.
Old man: what did you do? Did you part the sea of demons?
Chris: oh, I parted them all right, there were parts of them all over the place.
The girl: you two are like an old married couple.

The three walk off is Patrick Rafael appear out of nowhere.

Rafael and Patrick: Did we win?
Gabriel: yes, we won.

The two look at Gabriel in shock to see him in human form.

The girl: you guys are staring. Gabriel will be joining humanity as Andrew will be filling his postion

They all look up into the sky.

13. ( EXT. Heaven – day) – Andrew wearing angelic armor is walking around heaven with God.

Andrew: it’s never over is it? To keep the balance, it’s not supposed to end.

God: you catch on quick, if one side tips even if it’s ours balance would be over and then there would be no point to humanity. Besides, it’s always been about the damn card game.

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